A planner for sacred artists. A practice for soulful seekers.

A book of hours is our way of making plans – by paying close attention to the stars above and the earth below, by asking the needed questions not once in awhile but on a regular basis, because consistent practice nourishes your sovereignty.

Sacred artists and soulful seekers make plans beyond the corners of the calendar. We do things differently, and our tools should reflect that.

your book of hours

The Sacred Arts Book of Hours is chock full of astro-info and invitations to deeper self-inquiry. 

As practitioners of the sacred arts, we needed a beautiful, dependable tool for working with the energies and patterns of our year. So, we made it. And we made it look really, really good.

This printable planner is compatible with A4, Letter, and A5 printing setups. It is delivered via PDF download immediately upon purchase. 

Download it, print it out, and use the pages to star gaze, envision, and plan the next part of your ever-unfolding journey.



  12 Monthly charted pages, at-a-glance style. All major astro events are plotted on the dial and recorded on the daily ledger lines, with extra room for notes and reminders.

  25 Moons of the Month pages featuring the Waxing Quarter Moons, Full Moons, Waning Quarter Moons and New Moons of every month, each with a question to guide your lunar working, and plenty of space to write and reflect.

  12 Sun pages to encounter and engage with the dance of our Sun through the zodiac of the year. Each page offers a guiding question, with the king’s share of white space for writing and reflection.

  4 Eclipse pages to harness the major transformational potential of Lunar and Solar eclipse season, each with guide questions and ample space for working and reflection.

  12 New Moon Blessing pages, because the world needs less advice and more blessing. And because the new moon is a great time to try out new, healing blessing ways.

  14 Planet working pages, all with guide questions and space to write and reflect. You’ll receive:

      • (3) Mercury Rx working pages
      • Venus Rx working page
      • (3) Jupiter working pages
      • Saturn working page
      • Uranus working page
      • (3) Saturn square Uranus working pages
      • Neptune working page
      • Pluto working page

In honoring the tradition of the book of hours, you will receive a Litany for our Lady, as well as a Blessing for the Dead, for use in your sacred arts practice as you see fit.


 For those who color –  the pages are made to be worked upon. Add to them your viridian inks, your scarlet pigments, your sapphire wax!


Total Pages

A4, A5, Letter

Print compatible



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